Dake 25 // 9 Visions of Brussels

Dake 25 // 9 Visions of Brussels © Eric Danhier

Dake 25 // 9 Visions of Brussels



Dake 25


Rue du Marché aux Poulets | Kiekenmarkt
1000 Brussels

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1000 Brussel

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Dake 25 is one of the nine winners of the call for projects “9 visions”. This call for projects, launched in 2018, brought together nine artists and focused on a specific topic. The 30-metre hoarding in the rue du Marché aux poulets, partly surrounding the future administrative centre of the City of Brussels, are the canvas on which the artists were able to express themselves on the theme of “BXL moves for you, with you and thanks to you”. The aim is to show that Brussels is a creative city, evolving and on the move: a city that is modernising.

Brussels is a cosmopolitan city, a metropolis where history and art can be found at every street corner. It is a city that is closely bound to its past but it has also turned its attention to modernity and the globalisation. Magritte’s apple, cut in half and floating in the middle of leaves and emerging from the inside of the head of the Manneken-Pis captures an image of the creativity that is in constant flux in our city. The colours and the sunglasses confer a youthful, humorous and modern take on globalisation with a distinctive view of the city inspired by the work of René Magritte.
Ecology is an on-going concern in all of the artist’s projects. Bees are a central theme in his works in order to draw attention to their disappearance. In short, his “Manneken” project is a surrealist piece of urban art, made in Brussels!