Eyes B

Eyes-B, a Brussels-based artist, painter and graffiti artist, began his artistic career in drawing, but soon turned to painting. His inspiration comes from digital art, design and the macro-use of organic elements. He has gradually developed his technique using a more ‘freestyle’ approach, with improvisation and spontaneity guiding his work. Eyes-B’s artistic talent is constantly evolving, and has now been expanded to include abstract painting. This does not, however, mean that his classic graffiti is being neglected. The legibility of the letter has been replaced by a moving form, images that convey sound. Music is the main driving force behind his work. Rhythm shapes his strokes and dictates his movements, earning him the nickname of “conductor”. Rhythm, silence, repetition, pause, dynamism… All aspects of the songs he listens to are accentuated in his paintings. The many layers of each sound incite him to create different textures, and each rhythm dictates if his strokes are smooth or irregular, fast or slow, until the compositional interplay achieves the perfect balance.