Parole & Eyes B // Les Riches Claires

Parole , Eyes B

Parole & Eyes B // Les Riches Claires


Parole, Eyes B


Rue des Riches Claires 22 Rijkeklarenstraat
1000 Brussels

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The 20th October 2015 saw the unveiling of a new fresco created as a duo by Brussels artists Eyes-B and Parole on the façade of the Riches-Claires theatre. The work came into being thanks to a call for projects launched in June of that year by the Aldermanship of Culture of the City of Brussels, in collaboration with the Riches-Claires Cultural Centre and Library. Eyes-B and Parole both come from the Brussels graffiti scene, and their proposal was chosen by the jury out of forty-two entries. In addition to its artistic quality, the fresco is noteworthy for the way it fits in with the building’s functions, architecture and environment. The work was coordinated by the non-profit organisation Urbana.