Parole & Eyes B // Les Riches Claires

Parole , Eyes B

Parole & Eyes B // Les Riches Claires


Parole, Eyes B


Rue des Riches Claires 22 Rijkeklarenstraat
1000 Brussels

Date de réalisation


On 20 October 2015, a new mural was inaugurated on the façade of the Théâtre des Riches-Claires. It was jointly created by the Brussels artists Eyes-B and Parole.
The work came into being thanks to a call for projects launched in June of the same year by the Alderman’s Office for Culture of the City of Brussels, in collaboration with the Cultural Centre and the Bibliothèques des Riches-Claires.
Eyes-B and Parole are from the Brussels graffiti scene; their project – one of 42 applications received – was selected by the jury.
In addition to its artistic quality, the mural is perfectly in keeping with the functions of the building, its architecture and surrounding environment.
The work was coordinated by Urbana asbl.