Hell’O Monsters

HELL’O Monsters need no introduction – Jérôme Meynen and Antoine Detaille have been criss-crossing Europe for more than a decade with their monsters. Trained as painters, the boys, like 10ème Arte or Patrick Croes, are moving away from the so-called traditional codes of street art. Moreover, they do not consider themselves street artists. The collective was created in 2008 initially as a trio. In 2014, the trio became a duo. Throughout their careers, various elements of art have influenced both artists: vanities, ethnic motifs, design segments and geometric abstraction. Their murals often portray hybrid beings: half plant, half bird. In the beginning, humans were regularly depicted in their works, but the presence of Man has since been erased and is only visible through scattered elements, such as eyes. What characterises the duo’s work is the colour – it is intense, though sometimes pastel, and yet ever present. It should also be noted that the works do not carry a specific message, it is the aestheticism that prevails. The spectator looking at their work is free to draw his own conclusions and meaning.