Isaac Cordal is a Spanish artist from Galicia, who studied at the University of Fine Arts in Pontevedra, graduating with a degree in sculpture. “Cement Eclipses” is one of his best-known projects. His sculptures can be found in the streets of cities such as London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Bogota and San Jose, as well as in Brussels. You’ve probably walked past his work without knowing it. The statues are discreet and encourage passers-by to keep their eyes peeled. They are hidden on building façades, power lines, drainage pipes, pieces of wall and other unexpected places that emphasise the loneliness and isolation of modern times. Isaac Cordal takes on the role of director as he places his characters in scenes that represent the routine of today’s society. His work is a critical reflection on our behaviour as a mass society, and highlights the absurdity of our existence.