Isaac Cordal // Cement Eclipses

Isaac Cordal // Cement Eclipses © Gauthier Houba

Isaac Cordal // Cement Eclipses




Petite rue des Bouchers 2 Korte Beenhouwersstraat
1000 Brussels

Date of completion


1000 Brussel

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This series of small sculptures was conceived and created by artist Isaac Cordal. Isaac Cordal is well-known for his miniature cement sculptures. He dots these sculptures incongruously throughout urban spaces. The aim of his work is always to offer a critical look at our society. He usually proposes a series of 12 sculptures scattered around each city. As part of the Détours Festival(13 > 17 September 2017) devoted to hip-hop culture, the City of Brussels invited the Spanish artist to create a dozen works in the public space.