Born in Paris in 1969, Lazoo started drawing pictures in 1986. Recognising himself in narrative figuration, Lazoo’s main sources of inspiration are the world of comics and music.

He first used stencils to paint walls, before turning to other techniques such as spray cans, brushes and even markers on canvas. His work is easily recognisable by his figurative style and use of colours. Lazoo mainly produces monumental works and cultural projects, either alone or with other artists.

As co-founder of the Kosmopolite art tour, Lazoo has exhibited in Germany, Japan, Indonesia, the United States and South Africa. He has exhibited at the Grand Palais on the occasion of “TAG au Grand Palais”, at the Biennale of the MUBE Museum in São Paulo, at the Groeningen Museum in Bruges, and more recently at the Pinacothèque de Paris in Singapore, where he designed and directed an international fresco project in the museum.

Lazoo also works on projects in which he is artistic director, including “Face Au Mur,” a project which brought together 20 artists and attracted more than 15,000 visitors.

These days, Lazoo finds inspiration for his work by travelling and meeting people. Using his painting as a tool for transmission and exchange, he travels the five continents to share his work with local audiences and artists in the form of frescoes, exhibitions, collaborations or workshops.