Lazoo // The Wedding Dance

Lazoo // La danse de la mariée en plein air © Eric Danhier

Lazoo // The Wedding Dance





Rue Haute 399 Hoogstraat
1000 Brussels

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To mark the 450th anniversary of the death of the painter Pieter Bruegel.

Inspiration: “The Wedding Dance”

“Searching through the work of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, I was mainly interested in his fantastic depictions and the scenes of peasant life, especially the festivals. As my work is also focused on all things festive and dance-related, it seemed obvious to me to choose a work by Bruegel that allows me to create an osmosis between the universe of Bruegel, and mine. “The Wedding Dance” was therefore the obvious choice for me, since this painting corresponds to the universe that I depict in my own paintings, with a 450 year gap. I have therefore chosen to reboot this work in order to express the popular and undeniably modern dimension that Bruegel’s work inspires in me. As such, we find the same characters as in “The Wedding Dance”, but this time in a contemporary setting. Produced with acrylic paint and spray paint, this fresco incorporates the range of colours used by Bruegel, but with a different layout. My painting is steeped in Hip Hop culture. The colours are projected on the wall to indicate the dynamic of the scene, and position itself as a transparent colour filter. As a result, the layering of the colours is decidedly modern, without affecting the depiction of the characters. So Bruegel’s work is obvious and clearly visible, and yet the over-arching vision of colours gives another distance of perception to the whole. With this fresco, I wanted to express what Bruegel’s work inspires in me: a scene of everyday life, surprisingly fresh and modern.”


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