Patrick Croes

Patrick Croes aka Jellyfish has an impressive CV; nevertheless, he is a discreet character. As a graphic designer, he has worked on projects with major brands, such as Galler and Jean-Paul Lespagnard, as well as the singer Yelle. He is also a talented creator of short films with several credits as a motion designer. However, he comes from a background in painting, which he has been showcasing in several exhibitions since 2001. His universe is colourful and his themes are multicultural. The work he created for the Newfoundland Tunnel follows this rule: the mural is revealed as a collage of different interwoven fabrics that together represent the richly diverse neighbourhood that hosts this work of art. In shaping the project, Patrick was inspired by two particular styles: the Memphis style (Italian architectural and design movement of the 1980s) and the ethnic style of the South African Ndebele tribes. Designed to fit the particular shape of the tunnel, the work moulds itself to the shape of its environment. As the space is narrow, the artist has chosen to split the work so that each of its individual parts can be valued and appreciated at their true value.