Piotr Szlachta

Born in Warsaw, Poland, on 8 March 1977, Piotr arrived in Belgium in the late 1980s. Having completed a degree in Archaeology/History of Art as well as studies in illustration at the Institut St. Luc, he set up a graphic design company in 2000. In addition to his professional activities, he is a member of various artist collectives in the fields of painting and music. In 2012, he joined Farm Prod, which gave him the opportunity to work in a team and express himself on the large formats of the walls of Brussels and other European cities. His favourite subject is the nature he likes to depict in a state which has been least altered by modern society. Through landscapes of forests or mountains, he stubbornly portrays a kind of lost paradise, landscapes that we would have liked to have known, but that we will soon only see in painting. His influences range from regional adverts seen on TV to the great masters of the Renaissance. All these images are stored in the database of his brain, and emerge according to his inspiration. Very eager to meet new people and experience new things, he is always on the lookout… but for what?