Ted Nomad

French artist Ted Nomad likes to describe himself as a traveller. His painting is instinctive, revealing a necessity, an emergency. Nomad draws his inspiration from the people he meets during his travels and from mankind, human emotions, anonymous or famous people as well as the events which punctuate his daily life. His works display emotionally charged glances, dragging passers-by into deep inner reflection. He also portrays places as well as past, present and future stories. A painter-artist, since 2001 he has been developing his stencil art cut directly from paper – a technique that is used by artists such as Alto on the PARCOURS Street Art. Stencil, both a symbol of fragility and of great precision, is intimately linked to the drawing that Ted Nomad has practised since his earliest childhood. Having started out on the streets, Ted remains faithful to the spray can, which goes hand-in-hand with his stencil.