Ted Nomad // 9 Visions of Brussels

Ted Nomad // 9 Visions of Brussels © Eric Danhier

Ted Nomad // 9 Visions of Brussels



Ted Nomad


Rue du Marché aux Poulets | Kiekenmarkt
1000 Brussels

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1000 Brussel

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Ted Nomad is one of the nine winners of the call for projects “9 visions”. This call for projects, launched in 2018, brought together nine artists and focused on a specific topic. The 30-metre hoarding in the rue du Marché aux poulets, partly surrounding the future administrative centre of the City of Brussels, are the canvas on which the artists were able to express themselves on the theme of “BXL moves for you, with you and thanks to you”. The aim is to show that Brussels is a creative city, evolving and on the move: a city that is modernising.

For Ted Nomad, the quote “BXL moves for you, with you and thanks to you” evokes the future, and the different possibilities created by living together. For him, we are all players in the city, in life, and it is through the eyes of passers-by, whatever their age, that our future is shaped. The artist chose the portrait of an anonymous young girl because he associates youth with a range of possibilities, and wants to highlight the place of women and girls in the public space. She takes a calm look at the city and its inhabitants; she casts an eye into the future, imagines her impending journey through life and nurtures her dreams. He would like her gaze to stop passers-by in their tracks, to bring them a sense of serenity and let their thoughts drift towards their dreams.