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Fresco – Avenue de la Cité Modèle, 1020 Brussels (Laeken).

Helen Bur was invited to take part by the All About Things collective. For the Cité Modèle in Laeken, British artist Helen Bur has created a monumental diptych. The two frescoes face each other. The artist’s aim in creating this fresco is to raise awareness of the importance of mental health in a poetic fashion. The figure of the circle, increasingly present in the artist’s work, represents both enclosure and elevation.

The artist will create the fresco between the 18th and 30th September.
The inauguration will be held at 4 pm on 5th October 2023 at Avenue de la Cité Modèle, 1020 Brussels (Laeken).

About the artist

Helen Bur is a British artist based in Cornwall, who works both in the UK and abroad. Helen Bur’s paintings, which are mainly figurative, are drawn from images that have either been photographed by the artist herself or collected here and there. For her, painting is a way of telling social and contemporary stories. The painted figures are captured in moments of quiet action, busy in a sincere effort to accomplish something or frozen in the midst of a curious, worrying or disturbing event. These sensitive, poetic stories are used as tools to dissect and understand human experiences, where what seems personal becomes universal.

About All About Things

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of PARCOURS Street Art, the City of Brussels has commissioned four artistic projects from the Belgian curatorial collective All About Things. Bjorn Van Poucke and Thierry Dubois are the brains behind All About Things. Together, they organise and curate cultural projects for local government. The duo matches talented artists with diverse urban territories. Thanks to the participation of local residents, All About Things develops artistic projects that strengthen communities and contribute to the quality of everyday life for everyone. The collective is also behind The Crystal Ship street art festival in Ostend.

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