50.891315, 4.345145

Boulevard du Centenaire | Eeuwfeestlaan
1000 Brussels

lat : 50.891315
lng : 4.345145


Update: 08/06/2020

François Tusséki is one of the three winners of the call for projects launched by the City of Brussels in July 2018 to decorate three public toilets. This type of project had been launched before and had been very successful. 13PULSIONS, Francois Tusséki and Tarik Bouanani were chosen to decorate a toilet next to the Atomium, on the Boulevard du Centenaire and on the Place Annessens.

The cameras make reference to the many tourists who come to visit the Atomium. On the left, the letters of the word Atomium are in pink, contrasting with the rest of the alphabet. On the other side of the door, the number “1958” is visible – the year of the World Exhibition when monument was inaugurated.