10ème Arte // Van der Weyden Tunnel

10ème Arte // Tunnel Van der Weyden © Eric Danhier

10ème Arte // Van der Weyden Tunnel



10eme Arte


Rue Roger van der Weyden | Rogier van der Weydenstraat
1000 Brussels

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1000 Brussel

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10ème Arte are once again leaving their mark on Brussels. This is not the first time the duo has taken part in PARCOURS Street Art. Elisa and Almudena had already responded to the call for projects for thepublic toiletsin 2016. But this time, the artists have thought big, taking over the Van der Weyden Tunnel. A light background, lines reminiscent of the streets of Marolles, and fantastic characters from the enchanted and enchanting world of these two artists. Hailing from Italy and Spain respectively, Elisa and Almudena arrived in Belgium a few years ago to continue their artistic training. Both illustrators, the young women know how to communicate the desire to share that drives them, both intergenerationally and multiculturally. Their work reflects their state of mind: joy, generosity and positivity. A breath of fresh air in an environment that can sometimes seem a little hostile. The duo is one of the winners of a call for projects launched in June for the creation of an artwork on three tunnels of the Jonction Nord-Midi