10eme Arte

Elisa Sartori was born in Italy 28 years ago. After living in Congo and Egypt with her family she returned to Italy and settled in a small town. Having always had a passion for drawing, she decided to go to Venice to study design at the Academy of Fine Arts and continued her training in Belgium in the field of illustration. Her willingness to share with young and old has led her to undertake a master’s degree in teaching so that she can educate the older generation – she also creates books for the younger generation.

Almudena Pano was born and raised in Spain. There, she completed her secondary education in Art and graduate studies in graphic design. She continued her university education by studying advertising in Madrid but completed her studies in Brussels during an Erasmus at the VUB. Her initial contact with the Belgian capital left its mark on her and, after graduation, she decided to live in Brussels. As she did not feel drawn to the world of advertising and found herself questioning its values, Almudena decided to study illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts. During this final academic pursuit, she met her artistic partner Elisa. From her point of view, illustration brings together two essential components of her artistic development: communication and graphic arts.

Together, Almidena and Elisa form the 10th collective and put their fantasy world on display for the public – much to our immense pleasure!