Justice et Liberté

Justice et Liberté




Rue des Quatre Bras 4 Quatre brasstraat
1000 Brussels

Date of completion


1000 Brussel

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“For the columns of the Portalis building, Jean-Marc dos-Santos, alias Alto, chose to explore the powerful symbolism of freedom and justice using motifs and two distinct colours. The golds of justice covering the pillars are superimposed with motifs of a blue hue that echoes freedom. This echo is then repeated by the fourteen patterns attributed to the columns, each of which represents a being that enjoys a certain freedom of movement: rocks, pebbles, sand, wood, water, leaves, land, connections, grass, animals, branches, plants, earth and insects. The remaining two columns bring all these motifs together, adding gravity to the task incumbent to the venue’s staff. The intertwined colours of gold – which in this work evokes justice – and blue – freedom – remind us of the possible consequences of our actions, but at the same time underline the importance of justice in maintaining individual freedom”.*

*Julien Lucchini