ARBA Secondaire - Amandine Lesay // Street ARBA

ARBA Secondaire - Amandine Lesay // Street ARBA


112 Rue Terre-Neuve - Nieuwland, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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1000 Brussel

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These works were created as part of a partnership between the Education Department of the City of Brussels and PARCOURS Street Art. Street artist Amandine Lesay led a number of workshops throughout 2023, guiding a group of secondary students from Brussels’ Royal Academy of Fine Arts (ARBA) in the exploration of various techniques such as spray paint, posca, and so on.

The students expressed a desire to draw inspiration from art history by reinterpreting classic works while remaining rooted in their own time. They seek to showcase their everyday lives, putting themselves centre stage and exploring contemporary issues.

This project was carried out by Year 12 pupils having taken the Visual Arts option at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels: Loane Vanhaelen, Dounia Moussadyk, Sam Janssens, Hava Aliç, Sofiia Oksenchuk, Pauline Beutels and Margarita Shishkova.

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