Amandine Lesay

Amandine Levy grew up in Paris where there was a rapidly evolving graffiti scene. The artistic collectives surrounding her very quickly became a sublimated urban world. Being drawn towards painting, she studied the plastic arts at the Paris École Préparatoire. When she was 20, she left the French capital for Brussels, where she joined the École Nationale de La Cambre, where for five years she studied painting and engraving.

From 2007, she collaborated actively with the photographer EROL43 (U.V T.P.K.). From this encounter was to emerge extensive work on pictorial photography. In 2011, she joined the Liège collective B.G.D.C gang (Big Girls Don’t Cry) with whom she regularly exhibited. From 2012, she collaborated with the Galerie Archiraar and a large number of contemporary arts centres, and took part in a number of international exhibitions. She had her own first personal exhibition in 2012 in Brussels. Amandine Levy spend time with, and enjoys being surrounded by other artists, both Belgian and international, with whom she develops a range of exhibition projects. She is creating a collective called SHARE A.E.A with two young women from her La Cambre workshop. Together they exhibit their drawings on a three-handed basis.

With a sound line drawing and brush technique to call upon, and an oeuvre that mainly consists of large oil on canvas works, Amandine chooses to live her work to the full, through which she expresses an impassioned and authentic lifestyle. Based upon her personal instant photography images, or those of her photographer friends Lara Gasparotto and Clémentine Piret (B.G.D.C gang), Amandine Lévy’s work conveys a softly lit, but also incisive insight into the enfants terribles of her generation.

In 2014, she joined the Parisian fashion label Pantheone. Founded in 2010 and run by a bold and daring group of young women, Pantheone brings the creative studio to ready to wear fashion.

Amandine Levy’s eclectic journey reveals a fully-fledged and entirely individual artist, a freedom in creation with a tendency to deflect the traditional limitations of painting, while retaining a controlled mastery in the narrative of her subject. Amandine Levy is capable of launching herself in the direction of a multitude of different projects, while maintaining a very characteristic visual identity: a precision, a composition of perfect balance, always including a strand of mystery. Her paintings invariably reveal a special sensitivity, with a, sometimes frustrating, sensation of having not been able to live the moment, as it has been simultaneously rendered so very singular and poetical.

Update: 19/03/2020