Dema // Mémoires-héritages-transmission

Dema // Mémoires-héritages-transmission




Rue du Grand Serment 22, 1000 Bruxelles

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1000 Brussel

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Mémoires, héritages et transmission is a unique collective work of art created by Dema with the help of residents of the five blocks neighbourhood, in partnership with the non-profit organisations New Brussels and Les Mam’s de l’espoir. These women express their memories, their cultural heritage and intergenerational transmission through the creation of a striking fresco. This fresco is a vibrant symbol of their collective identity, adding beauty and meaning to the urban environment. Through this artistic creation, they establish a strong link between themselves, their neighbourhood and the history that unites them, leaving a lasting imprint on their community.

With Mama Regine, Habiba Lihendi, Aicha El Hachmi, Nora Makhfi, Violette, Mounia Hbekkari and Maîcha.