Dema has been combining Arabic calligraphy and graffiti art for over 30 years. As the driving force behind numerous artistic and urban projects, he is now a prominent fixture in the Belgian and international landscape. His work always conveys a philosophy or message that reflects his life’s journey, his experiences as a citizen and, above all, his desire to support younger generations. Because, for him, that’s what really matters. Using his extensive experience in the field, he encourages young people to express themselves and gives them a voice in a public arena in which they are all too often under-represented.
Dema’s works are an original and clearly identifiable blend of traditional ancient art and contemporary urban expression. In the public space, his works are often the result of a collaborative effort involving citizens, associations and institutions, always with the underlying aim of democratising urban art, prioritising it for future generations, and at the same time, raising awareness among a wider audience of all ages and different cultures.