Elian // Dark Perimeter / Basic Primary Shapes

Elian // Dark Perimeter / Basic Primary Shapes




Rue Saint-André 2 Sint-Andriesstraat
1000 Brussels

Date of completion


1000 Brussel

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Created as part of NUIT BLANCHE 2015.
Spearheaded by the City of Brussels, NUIT BLANCHE has established itself over the years as an authentic artistic laboratory. Every first Saturday of October, public spaces and dozens of locations throughout the capital are transformed through contemporary design.
The aim of the event is to give the general public an opportunity to see Brussels from a different perspective and raise awareness of new artistic forms.
Each year, a theme is put forward and influences the artistic projects presented to the public.
In 2015, it was the Renaissance.
With this project, Elian interpreted the Renaissance through the prism of architecture.
The artist was inspired by the architectural environment to create the outlines of his mural.