Freskolab // Water doesn’t fall from the sky

Freskolab // L’eau ne tombe pas du ciel © Eric Danhier

Freskolab // Water doesn’t fall from the sky




Rue du Cardinal Mercier | Kardinaal Mercierstraat X Boulevard de l'Impératrice | Keizeinlaan
1000 Brussels

Date de réalisation


1000 Brussel


This fresco, dominated by green and blue, is designed as a trompe-l’oeil recreating the architecture of Vivaqua’s head office to give the impression of a building lengthy in volume. The interactions between the characters are a fanciful and dynamic reflection of the close relationship we have with water. They also represent the essential role played by the Vivaqua company, who commissioned the fresco, and celebrate its past 130 years of making clean and healthy water accessible to everyone.
At the top of the fresco, spring water flows in the form of a waterfall, reminding us that for clean water, the guardian of life, we must take care of our soil and consume water responsibly.