Madame La Belge // Les Femmes

Madame La Belge // Les Femmes © Eric Danhier

Madame La Belge // Les Femmes


Rue Van Artevelde 112 Arteveldstraat
1000 Brussels

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1000 Brussel

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Started in 2018, this fresco entitled Les Femmes (“Women”) was initiated by the Minister in charge of Women’s Rights, and by Alter Egales, a participatory assembly for women’s rights, created in response to the advocacy of women’s and feminist organisations, but above all with a view to achieving genuine equality between men and women. The work, created by Madame La Belge, depicts a multitude of female faces, symbolising solidarity amongst women. Among these faces, two emblematic figures of feminism can be found: Frida Kahlo (Mexican painter) and Vandana Shiva (Indian feminist and ecofeminist writer and activist). The colours are warm, placing women once more at the forefront of the urban stage, which is mainly occupied by men. This fresco is painted on a rough, unrenovated wall, covered with female figures. For the artist, this work symbolises the fight for equality between men and women.