Madame La Belge

As with many other artists, Madame La Belge showed an interest in drawing from a very early age. However, she instead chose to study photography. On completing her studies, and following travels in South America, she further distanced herself from her activity of choice, drawing, to become a production manager with a television channel. Her desire to start drawing full-time was not lacking, but her confidence was. Finally, after training in HTML, and the creation of her blog, the artist published her creations online, and, step by step, set forth on her new career.

Since 2008, she has produced a string of collaborations: the Croix-Rouge, the Kosmopolite Art Tour, Oxfam, Les Petits Rien, etc. Madame La Belge has since continually triumphed in mural works, both interior, and exterior, in Brussels and other European cities. Her immediately recognisable style is characterised by naivety and simplicity of line. Her clear approach enables her to tackle complex and subversive subjects, and to appeal to a wide public.