Nean // La Croix Rouge de Belgique

Nean // La croix rouge de Belgique © Eric Danhier

Nean // La Croix Rouge de Belgique




Avenue de la Reine x Rue Arthur Cosny | Koninginnelaan x Arthur Cosnystraat
1020 Brussels

Date of completion


1020 Laken

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This massive mural was created as part of a campaign by the Red Cross to raise awareness about stem cell donations. It was created by Brussels artist NEAN. The people depicted in the art work are local residents: a mother and her son. NEAN’s work is always figurative, detailed, almost photographic in nature. Behind the portraits, we can make out an urban landscape, as if there were two images in one. This process was inspired by “double-exposure” in photography (a technique that superimposes two images taken at different times to form a single image).