Obêtre // Graffitectures

Obêtre // Graffitectures © Ville de Bruxelles

Obêtre // Graffitectures





CENTRALE for contemporary Art
Place Sainte-Catherine 44 Sint-Katelijneplein
1000 Brussels

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1000 Brussel

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Obêtre sees himself first and foremost as an urban artist. He defines his work as “graffitectures” – i.e. works which are closely linked to a particular place and with which they strike a common chord. In this piece, he draws upon the diversity and architectural dynamism of the city. It is also in this capacity that the CENTRALE for contemporary art invited him to confront or rather make a commitment to the monumental and eclectic environment of the art centre. After signing his name, thus following in the footsteps of Atlas, who created the epic mural that leads to the CENTRALE in 2013, Obêtre has used various materials (wood, ceramic tiles, newspaper sheets, advertising posters, etc.) to create truly dynamic and intense bas-reliefs. It is located on the railings of the 17th-century baroque Saint Catherine’s tower, the last vestige of the eponymous church that stood on the location of the current building, which was constructed in the eclectic style by Joseph Poelaert in the 19th century. With this installation, made of raw timber and painted wood, Obêtre offers a new perspective on this heterogeneous urban ensemble, creating a visual dynamic at the entrance to the City of Brussels art centre. This work was produced in collaboration with Détours Festival.

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