Fresco – Rue du Champ de l’Eglise 73/89, 1020 Brussels (Laeken). This fresco was created by Sudanese artist Alaa Satir as part of the ICORN (International Cities of Refuge Network) project. The project was implemented in Brussels by Passa Porta and Cartooning for Peace. The artist’s work, with its links to women’s rights, is a […]

Artistic interventions – Scattered across public spaces throughout Brussels and Laeken – keep your eyes peeled! Cement Eclipses brings together a dozen miniature sculptures, each around fifteen centimetres tall. This public installation is the work of Spanish artist Isaac Cordal. The resin-sculpted human figures trace a route through the City of Brussels, both within the city centre […]

Fresco – Rue Bruyn 1, 1120 Brussels, Neder-Over-Hembeek This fresco is the work of Brussels-born artist IOTA, who showed particular interest in the context and location of the fresco: the Queen Astrid Military Hospital. This establishment specialises in the treatment of burn victims, and the artist sought to evoke this in her work through the […]

HAUNTED realized by the Fitore Alísdóttir Berisha is part of the PARCOURS street art of the City of Brussels on the occasion of the 17th Balkan Trafik Festival.

The mural Grow in Freedom was created by the artists Teresa Sdralevich (Belgium), Mishel and Nicol Feldman (Ukraine) as part of the PARCOURS Street Art and “THE WALL: Murals Across Europe” project implemented by Port.agency and initiated by the Ukrainian Institute in collaboration with the CHU Saint-Pierre.

You own a property in the territory of the City of Brussels (1000, 1020, 1120 and 1130)? This project is for you! The artists of the PARCOURS Street Art illuminate many districts of the City of Brussels with their colorful frescoes. What if you embark with us in an artistic project to embellish your property, […]

This project is to educate and sensitize the public on the “hidden” side of a film, to discover little-known professions that are behind the scenes (from the assistant director, to the sound engineer , via the dialogue editor or the costume designer) through 71 black and white portraits in the tunnels of Tanneurs, Van der […]

The City of Brussels is having a new work of art made in memory of singer Annie Cordy. Residents of the Brussels Capital Region are therefore invited to choose from 3 proposals. You can vote until midnight on Monday 7 February 2022. In 2018, on the occasion of Annie Cordy’s 90th birthday, a street art […]

The piece, has been developed by the Brussels-based engraver Fred Penelle and the Franco-Swiss video artist Yannick Jacquet, an adopted Belgian. Discursive Mechanics has a dual dimension. Details: façade at 21 Boulevard Anspach, 1000 Brussels. From 03/12. Fresco visible 24/7. Projections from 17:30 to 22:00. Daily.

A book from the collection Regards sur la ville devoted to the phenomenon known as “street art”, a catch-all term that the authors nuance to give it back its richness and diversity. By Éric Van Essche Published on 8/10/2021 by CFC editions

Soaz & Zouwi // Moi, Elles, Nous © Eric Danhier

Three new murals have appeared under the viaduct of the Gare Midi thanks to BRAVVO asbl, STIB, HUB.Brussels and Infrabel, working in collaboration with Belle Hip Hop. Painted by the artists ZOUWI and SOAZ, these works are the result of participatory workshops with women from the Annessens district. The theme focuses on the question of […]

Freskolab // L’eau ne tombe pas du ciel © Eric Danhier

The PARCOURS Street Art and VIVAQUA have collaborated with the FRESKOLAB collective to create a fresco on water, its use and its preservation. The work can be seen from 20 September at the intersection of Rue Cardinal Mercier and Boulevard de l’Impératrice in 1000 Brussels.