Jadranka Lacković // No Borders

Jadranka Lacković // No Borders © Ville de Bruxelles

Jadranka Lacković // No Borders


Quai à la Houille 5-6-7-8 Steenkoolkaai
1000 Brussels

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1000 Brussel

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This mural was created by Croatian artist Jadranka Lacković. Here, the artist, who is interested in the different elements of the sea, has chosen to paint herrings. Why herrings?  The artist reveals her reasons: “Herrings belong to the blue fish category and is related to “our” sardines. We call the sardine the “Queen of the Adriatic” because it has been feeding coastal communities for centuries. Croatians have quite an emotional relationship with the sea and the life it contains. Fish is an essential part of our culture and is exactly what unites us. Because anyone who lives by the sea lives for the sea, and during those two days working on the wall, I was able to see that Belgians have the same emotional reaction. I’ve heard of the old fish market and the famous fish restaurants in the area. I also use the fish as an emblem of freedom. Fish know no borders. They swim freely. Over the past year, we have been subjected to strict measures, isolation and the inability to travel. Bozko’s mural reminds me of exactly that – a man locked in contemplation. (Perhaps I am that man who looks at the sea and envies the fish for their freedom) Speaking of freedom, it’s important for me to explain that I drew this mural directly on the wall. We chose the colours and motifs with the local residents, but then I drew them freehand, “in my head”, using the natural lines and shapes of the brick wall. “

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