Parole is a self-taught Brussels artist who refuses to be assigned practices, labels, and to be locked into the role of expert or specialist. His work is multifaceted and multifarious, taking its place at the crossroads of cultures; it is brimming with know-how and embraces different tools. He conceives his work as a collective narrative of encounters, collaborations, shared experiences and resistance. He sees himself not as a trapped individual but as a storyteller shining light on his neighbours and distant acquaintances. The artist’s work is based on the distortion of signifiers. He develops spontaneous script, inventions that are more gestural than textual; script that is twisted, distorted, kneaded and formed to the point of rendering the letters illegible, thus abandoning its status as codes and conventions for inter subjective communication. These successive transliterations drag script back to its original state of oddity. Their obscurities do not mean that they are meaningless, on the contrary, they free up a space for questioning and interpretation. His work can also be deciphered as a kind of visual music with its own rhythm, symmetries and silences. The script springs spontaneously out of the emptiness of the paper, an unpredictable product of its emotions and the clash of letters that engender novelty. His creations are at the crossroads of creativity, forming a knot, drawing a pathway between his different forms of understanding and appropriation of the world. There is something spiritual and sacred in his work and in his relationship with art and life. Moreover, one cannot dissociate his script from his urban wanderings and his graphic ramblings. It is the political and public dimension of his art that hark back to the issues of semiocracy, public space and the paradigms of our time.