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100 ans de vies “communes”

100 ans de vies "communes" The four frescoes representing this fusion were created by four Brussels artists: Soaz to symbolise Brussels and the fusion, Lucile Van Laecken for Laeken, 10eme Arte for Neder-Over-Heembeek and Madame la Belge for Haren. In order to discover these four monumental works, an itinerary has been drawn up. Podcasts will also be recorded on the basis of texts written by the Brussels historian Roel Jacobs, author of numerous works on the capital. It will accompany visitors on a stroll along the docks and around the canal to discover the cultural and architectural heritage present in the four municipalities, including the street art circuit. Made up of five five-minute chapters, it tells the story and the secrets in a playful way: the narration of a Brussels historian intersects with the testimonies of the four talented Brussels artists in charge of creating the frescos. From 3 July onwards, he will accompany visitors on foot, by bicycle or by boat. These recordings underline the City's desire to emphasise soft mobility, sustainability and access to culture for all. The podcasts can be found here. [su_carousel source="media: 5569,5718,5728,5742" items="4"]  
Works in this parcours
Soaz // Les Danseuses de Bruxelles
Lucile van Laecken // Un Voyage d’Antan
10th Arte // Changing landscape
Madame La Belge // De boottrekker & la paysanne