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Parcours Bruegel, together with the Brussels collective Farm Prod and with the support of the City of Brussels, has developed a “PARCOURS Street Art” tour honouring the great Flemish master Pieter Bruegel in the heart of the capital. No less than 11 frescoes now adorn a number of facades in the Marolles district.  
Works in this parcours
Guillaume Desmarets // The Hunters in the Snow
Farm Prod // The Parable of the Good Shepherd
Kim Demane // The Tower of Babel
Arno 2bal // Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Piotr Szlachta // Landscape with the Flight into Egypt
Alexis Corrand // The Ass in the School
Nelson Dos Reis // Idleness
Les Crayons // The finder & Pride
Hell'O // Patientia
Fred Lebbe // The Fall of the Rebel Angels