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Marolles route

Discover the Marolles district from a new angle! This walking tour highlights a multitude of frescoes from the PARCOURS Street Art in the Marolles district, from the great Bruegel interpreted by graffiti artists to the tunnels coloured by street artists. Duration of the walking tour: 2 hours [su_carousel source="media: 2843,6026,2751,2737,2716,5327,2712,2827,5551,5548,5365,6084,2256,2744" items="5"]
Oeuvres dans ce parcours
Fred Lebbe // The Fall of the Rebel Angels
Parole, Obêtre, Doctor H & Spencer // Lotsjmaghrust
Hell'O // Patientia
Nelson Dos Reis // Idleness
Farm Prod // The Parable of the Good Shepherd
Céleste Gangolphe, Florianne Mandin & Mathieu Mary // Between Help
Guillaume Desmarets // The Hunters in the Snow
Kim Demane // The Tower of Babel
Arno 2bal // Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Piotr Szlachta // Landscape with the Flight into Egypt
Jana // Up!
Pssscht_Arba // Arba Secondaire & Amandine Lesay
10ème Arte // Van der Weyden Tunnel
Les Crayons // The finder & Pride